UK Community Foundations: 5 ways you can give on UK Charity Week’s #Give5Day

We often hear the same question coming through the UKCF network from people wanting to help out their communities: how can I give?

For thousands of years, from ancient mythology to modern-day literature, giving has taken many forms. In fact, the word philanthropy derives from ancient Greece, meaning ‘the love of humanity’. 

Give 5 Day presents an opportunity for people to support their favourite causes in numerous different ways. We’re giving you five ways to give.

Give Your Time

When Covid struck the UK, thousands of people took to volunteering for the first time, helping out at food banks, distributing medicine and essential supplies, managing vaccination lines, and checking in on isolated neighbours. While the pandemic restrictions in this country have left us for now, the necessity for volunteers remains high. Small charities and community groups are running at full capacity to support people through the cost-of-living crisis, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in your area.

Share Your Skills

In the UK, there are now lots of initiatives like Make Good Grow, that enable companies and individuals to share their skills for free with charitable organisations. What skills could you or your business offer to your community? 

Knowledge Is Key

Sometimes it can feel like you’re running through a complex system of rabbit holes trying to find information on how to give effectively. Community foundations in the UKCF network cover every postcode in the UK and provide funding to local groups and charities that are doing amazing work. They identify the regional inequalities and areas of need and take the complications out of funding good causes.

Give A Little To Change A Lot

In this time of financial uncertainty, giving money to grassroots organisations, whatever the amount, will make a huge difference to their services. It is estimated that 22% of the UK population is now in poverty, and that percentage is expected to rise considerably over the winter. Food banks, well-being services, volunteer helplines, advisory groups, and other small organisations have already seen a dramatic rise in demand this year, and community foundations are working hard to support them through regional appeals. By donating to these appeals, your money will go directly to supporting the groups in your area.

Support. Support. Support.

Hikes to energy bills and the cost of living is also affecting charities, yet they still need to keep lights on, fridges cool, phone lines active, and petrol tanks full. Now, more than ever, they need communities to get behind them and show support. Whether that’s in the form of clothes donations, food drop-offs, spreading news by word of mouth, sharing your skills, or donating to your nearest community foundation appeal, a little goes a long way.