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Sinclair Method UK provides a consultation service for The Sinclair Method, in addition to email, telephone, and online video coaching support.

The Sinclair Method is a treatment for alcohol misuse, which uses the NHS-approved and non-addictive medications Naltrexone or Nalmefene (Selincro).  These medications can help you gradually decrease your alcohol consumption – right down to abstinence if you wish.  Our services are available worldwide.   If Naltrexone or Nalmefene are not suitable or tolerated, our doctors have other medical management options they can discuss with you.

Let Sinclair Method UK help you navigate your recovery from alcohol misuse by providing individual support whenever, and wherever, you need it.  


The Partnership

Charity BIG Bake: We've never met a problem that a piece of cake couldn’t fix!

SINCLAIR Method UK and the organisers of UK Charity Week have a longstanding partnership built on trust and friendship.

Unlike conventional sponsorships, this is not a case of throwing money at a project and hoping that something sticks for the sponsor’s return on investment. It is certainly not the case; the main objective is to support the charities of the UK Charity Week and continue to give them a platform to showcase themselves and bridge the gap between the public and the charity sector.

Over the next few years, Sinclair Method UK will play a pivotal role in supporting those objectives. We are incredibly grateful to have such wonderful sponsors and people backing our campaign.


Award Winners

In 2021, UK Charity Week, thanks to Main Sponsor, Sinclair Method UK, rewarded some volunteers across the country.

Official Partner Charities were able to nominate two people who they felt had gone above and beyond the call of duty for the charity during the year.

The names were then drawn at random each month by UK Charity Week Founder Lee Rayment.

Below are pictures of the winners.


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