Is UK Charity Week only for registered charities?

No, UK Charity Week is open to everyone, not just registered charities. Individuals and groups can participate to raise money for their chosen causes.

Does UK Charity Week accept donations themselves?

No, UK Charity Week does not accept donations. Our funding comes from sponsorships. We support charities to maximise their awareness and fundraising opportunities during the campaign.

How can I donate to charities during UK Charity Week?

You can donate to our Official Partner Charities listed on our website or choose any charity of your choice. For safe giving tips, visit the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator‘s official websites.

What are the daily themes for UK Charity Week?

The five daily themes for UK Charity Week are:

  • Monday: Celebration Of Charity
  • Tuesday: Give 5 Day
  • Wednesday: Charity BIG Bake
  • Thursday: Christmas Jumper Day
  • Friday: Volunteers’ Day

Can schools participate in UK Charity Week?

Yes! Schools across the UK participate in UK Charity Week by holding their own activities aligned with the campaign’s daily themes.

What impact does UK Charity Week have on the charitable sector?

UK Charity Week has had a significant impact on the charitable sector, with charities receiving millions in donations and gaining high-profile awareness for their causes.

Who organises UK Charity Week?

UK Charity Week was founded by Lee Rayment and is now largely administered by a dedicated group of volunteers, including charity communications and development specialists, as well as members from the campaign sponsors.