Become an Official Partner Charity

Guidance for Partner Charity registration

Becoming an Official Partner Charity of UK Charity Week will provide you with many marketing and fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

Watch this video to learn how it could help your charity.


Partner Package


Package Information

Official Partner Registration

This is to enrol you as an Official Partner Charity of UK Charity Week for the current year's campaign.

Community Group Access

UK Charity Week has its own community support group, you will be given access to this upon registration.

Welcome Guide PDF

A PDF checklist to guide you through the steps to enjoy the benefits of your registration.

Printed Resources Pack

Around the end of October you will be posted a Resources Pack with posters and guidance to maximise your efforts during UK Charity Week.

Digital Resources

Access to some basic digital resources to use before, during and after the UK Charity Week campaign.

Hyperlinked Logo

Your logo will appear on the Official Partner Charities' page of the UK Charity Week website.

Welcome Social Media Post

A post will go out on our social media channels welcoming you as an Official Partner Charity of the campaign.

12 Published Articles

You are entitled to one article published per month on the nation's leading charity news platform, Charity Today. The article can be 500-750 words and includes one image or video embed.
*If you do not keep to the deadlines given your column will be cancelled because of the impact of outdated information on the Charity Today website.

12 Social Media Article Posts

Your twelve articles will each be published to the campaign's social media pages.
**These will only be given if the articles are received on time. Late submission you will forfeit the posts.

Social Post During Campaign

You will be given a social media post on our channels during UK Charity Week.

Social Post After Campaign

You will be given a social media post on our channels in the week after UK Charity Week.