UK Charity Week joins the Charity Community platform

CHARITY Today’s new social network will host the official UK Charity Week Group.

The Charity Community aims to pull leaders, volunteers and fundraisers together in a way that conventional big-tech media is unable to.

Charity Today Executive Editor Lee Rayment, who is also Founder of UK Charity Week, said:

“There can be a lot of noise and distractions on places like Facebook, not to mention unprofessionalism from some people.

“We are in no rush to expand Charity Community; we remain content at allowing that to happen organically in the months and years to come. Think of it as one growing support network for people in the sector to talk and collaborate. It will be perfect for the UK Charity Week community. I’m quite excited by the opportunities it presents us with.”

People with an interest in the charity sector can join the Charity Community for here: