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Learn about the influential Lee Rayment, the driving force behind the formation of Charity Week. Lee is a catalyst for change within the charity sector, an unwavering supporter of charitable causes both large and small. With a professional career spanning decades, he has become synonymous with impactful charity communications and development, earning him respect and admiration from peers across the industry.

A Leader in Charity Communications & Development

Lee Rayment’s journey into the heart of the charity sector began many years ago, fuelled by a passion to make a difference following a number of personal bereavements. His expertise in charity communications and development is unparalleled, perfected through his years of dedicated service and unwavering commitment long before Charity Week ever came to be. As a professional Charity Communications & Development Director, Lee has spearheaded numerous household charity campaigns that have left an indelible mark on the landscape of charitable giving.

Founder of UK Charity Week

In 2012, Lee Rayment realised a vision that would transform the way we celebrate and support charitable causes. Born from his deep-rooted belief in the power of gratitude, unity, compassion, and generosity, UK Charity Week was founded. Well, over a decade later, this initiative stands as a testament to his dedication to bringing charities of all sizes together under one united banner, amplifying their voices and impact across the nation.

Editor of Charity Today

Lee Rayment’s influence extends beyond the founding of UK Charity Week. Since 2009, he has also served as the Editor of Charity Today, the nation’s leading charity news membership publication, dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of charities making a difference in our world. Through his editorship, Lee has provided a vital platform for charities to be heard, recognised, and celebrated. He has also used the publication’s ability to inspire and support those with limited time to live.

Advocate for Mental Health & Lifesaver

In addition to his remarkable contributions to the charity sector, Lee Rayment is an advocate for those living with mental health disabilities. He has been open about his own mental health journey, using his platform to raise awareness surrounding mental health issues.

Moreover, Lee has saved lives through his knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), demonstrating his commitment to making a tangible difference in emergency situations. His quick thinking and action have made a profound impact on individuals in critical moments, showcasing his dedication to the well-being of others.

A Proud East of England Native

Lee’s roots are firmly planted in the picturesque landscapes of Cambridgeshire, East of England. Born in March 1980, he embodies the spirit of the region – hardworking, innovative, and community-focused. It is from these humble beginnings that Lee draws his inspiration, continually striving to create a brighter future for those in need.


Today, despite his ongoing health concerns, Lee Rayment continues to be a beacon of hope for charities and communities across the UK. His unwavering dedication, coupled with his immense influence, has made a lasting impact on countless lives. Join us in celebrating Lee’s vision, his commitment to charitable causes, and the remarkable legacy he has built through UK Charity Week.